Dispersive™ Virtual Networks

Ultra-Secure Networking You Can Trust

Going Way Beyond Traditional SD-WAN

Changing the networking paradigm forever

Standard approaches to networking all have one crucial flaw in common: they all use a single path to transfer data. To avoid this single point of compromise and congestion, the Dispersive™ Virtual Network does things differently.

It’s Faster

Dispersive™ Virtual Networks show up to 10X improvement* by sending data over multiple independent paths and rolling away from congested pathways.

More Secure

Path selection changes continuously and encryption varies during sessions. So, it’s virtually impossible for attackers to know which routes you are using or how to reassemble your communications.

More Reliable

Dispersive™ Virtual Networks continuously monitors the health and performance of every path so it can roll traffic to new paths to bypass bottlenecks and avoid link failures.

 *When compared to a TCP connection experiencing congestion and loss.

Our innovative approach

Dispersive™ Virtual Networks is a patented, multi-path software-defined networking, military-grade overlay solution.

Our 100% software-based approach comprises software components that collaborate and route traffic to significantly enhance network security, reliability and performance among all your devices including laptops, tablets, mobile, and IoT.

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