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The Dispersive™ Virtual Network (DVN) provides the most secure, ultra-reliable, and highest-performing programmable networking that accelerates your digital transformation by connecting enterprise cloud applications, IoT, distributed ledger, big data, AI, and edge computing solutions.

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The Dispersive™ Virtual Network (DVN) Difference

Going Way Beyond Traditional SD-WAN


How We Can Help Your Network

Anatomy of the Dispersive™ Virtual Network (DVN)

A DVN deployment is composed of three fundamental components: end point clients/gateways, strategically placed deflects, and controllers.

The Multi-Path/Multi-Cloud Approach steps


Data streams are split at the authenticated source and re-addressed with a Dispersive™ Virtual Network (DVN) header to force traffic to follow different network paths based on instructions from the Dispersive™ Virtual Network (DVN) Controller across one or more physical circuits.


The underlying IP networks deliver these packets to Dispersive™ Virtual Network (DVN) software nodes known as data Deflects. Placement of these deflects influences the actual physical paths traversed.


New paths can be established/rolled during the transmission enhancing performance by avoiding link failures and bypassing congested pathways.


The data Deflects receive the packets and re-address them for the final destination.


The authenticated destination reassembles the split packet streams and strips out the Dispersive™ Virtual Network (DVN) header information before passing the original packet to the receiving application. Missing packets are re-requested to ensure guaranteed packet delivery.


It’s Faster

Your Data Gets from Point A to Point B Faster:

  • All traffic is divided into separate, independent packet streams that are each sent simultaneously across different micro-segmented, individually encrypted paths across the internet from authenticated sources to destinations.
  • If congestion or an attack anomaly is encountered the encrypted data packet rolls to a new unimpeded path to optimize your connectivity.
  • The Dispersive™ Virtual Network (DVN) ensures guaranteed packet delivery with improved service experience.

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More Secure

Protecting Your Network Through:

  • Improved network security while replacing a MPLS network with Internet and broadband connections that extend to any IP connected device.
  • The Dispersive™ Virtual Network (DVN) distributes traffic across dynamically changing pathways to avoid DoS, DDoS, and Man-in-the-middle attacks.

The Tech:

  • Deflects are programmable to reflect the level of security and agility each client needs.
  • Deflects: Software acts as a waypoint and relays traffic between clients or edge endpoints along the independent pathways in the Dispersive™ Virtual Network (DVN). Deflects can authenticate user data but cannot decrypt payload.
  • Dispersive™ Virtual Network (DVN) Encryption: User data encrypted and decrypted only at endpoints using endpoints negotiate keys.
  • Endpoints only call out which obfuscates their presence.
  • Endpoint App: Software at the edge that enables the Dispersive™ Virtual Network (DVN) on mobile phones, laptops, servers, and IoT devices.
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More Reliable

Your Packet Delivery is Guaranteed:

  • All services are segmented, monitored and managed independently.
  • QOS is applied to each service to insure critical traffic is treated with highest priority.
  • Path diversity is provided with multiple cloud and network partners options to create core/carrier diversity.
How Does This Work?

The Dispersive™ Virtual Network (DVN) Operates Securely Over Any Combination of Clouds, Physical Networks, Edge Devices, and Applications/Services.



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